UNDERWATER - The Test Tapes revealed

UNDERWATER “The Test Tapes” follows Danny Fairbrass and Team Korda on an exciting journey to create a NEW Underwater film, ten years after the ground breaking Underwater 7 and 8 were released.

We show you exactly how the project came to fruition, from all our exciting prep work, new underwater cameras, and everything leading up to Danny finally casting in front of our Underwater cameras once again, as filming commences. From this point the emotional rollercoaster begins, as Danny, flanked by Tom Dove and Neil Spooner, is thrust back into the hot seat whilst his rigs, tactics and approach are put to the test. Fishing for the BIGGEST carp ever on a Korda Underwater film, it will only take one fish to make Underwater history, so the pressure is on.



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The “Test Tapes” were not originally intended for public release, but they were so insightful, eye-opening, impactful and funny that we had to release them, for all anglers to learn from and enjoy.

“The learning process and product development side of it (Underwater) is absolutely worth its weight in gold on its own. Without even making a film you could just go and do that, and nobody ever see the footage, and it would be worth it.” Danny explains during the film.



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The ambitions for this Underwater Project were bigger than ever, and the objective was to take our Korda Underwater cameras across the English Channel to France and target the BIGGEST carp we’ve ever fished for!

“We had always toyed with the idea of targeting a French commercial lake and Gigantica was the obvious choice. But after some tests, we knew there simply wasn’t enough fish traffic for just one camera set-up, so ‘Underwater Gigantica’ will have to wait,” Danny explains at the start of the film.

He goes on to add: “We chose Lac Luna because it had the clarity, it had an old stock of fish that were going to be tricky to catch, and it had the spots in the edge that made it castable.”



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Lac Luna is a stunning 12-acre lake overlooked by the famous Luna Towers (maize silo). The lake is completely tree-lined, giving that old English estate lake feel, and ranges in depth from 4-11ft. The biggest known resident is a fish named "Big Pete" at a colossal 62lb, plus around a dozen fifties, including a common called Tarmac at 52lb 4oz, and almost fifty fish over 40lb, with plenty of those being upper-40s. The lake holds a mixture of originals which were there when the current owners took over the fishery, and they have since implemented their own stocking policy, with hand-picked fish being introduced and which have been showing some spectacular weight gains, with some fish putting on more than 10lb in a year!



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So, with a mega venue selected, a brand-new set of Underwater cameras purchased, and an excited set of anglers and crew we set to work. Follow us as we begin our journey into Underwater Carp Fishing once again, and show you behind the scenes as the drama unfolds both out in the lake and inside the bivvy. The reactions from Danny, Tom and Neil are as gripping as ever, and we guarantee you will be on the edge of your seat alongside them!




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