How To Tie The BASIX Hair Rig

The BASIX range is designed to help make fishing more accessible and to provide the basic tackle you need to catch carp. Rigs can be tricky and complicated but the BASIX range has all the core components you will need to get started!

You will need:

Basix Coated Hooklink

Basix Wide Gape Hook

Basix Anti Tangle Sleeve

Razorblade Scissors

Basix Baiting Needle

Hair Stops

Step 1

Start by 12inches of coated braid off of the spool.

Step 2

Strip 5 inches of coating, off one end of the material.

You can use your nails or one of our Strippa Tool

Step 3

Tie a small overhand loop knot in the uncoated section.

Step 4

Using a Baiting Needle, attach your hookbait.

We are using a 15mm bait

Step 5

Secure it in place with a Hair Stop.

Step 6

Take a Basix Size 6 Wide Gape Hook.

Step 7

Enter the back of the hook and trap the hair length in place

Step 8

Tie off using a Knotless Knot

Ensure there is an uncoated section above the hook eye

Step 9

Set your rig length with an Fig.8 Loop Knot

This loop will attach to your Quick Change Swivel

Step 10

Thread on an Anti-Tangle Sleeve

You can use a Gate Latch Needle to help with this step

Step 11

Your rig is now ready to be attached to your preferred lead set-up!

How to tie a BASIX Hair Rig



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