New Thinking Tackle film at the iconic Lake Bled

With stunning scenery, the iconic church on an island, plus of course lots of big and beautiful carp, Lake Bled is like something from a dream, but for Darrell Peck it came close to becoming a nightmare at times when he travelled there to film an episode of Thinking Tackle!



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Fishing at the days only venue in Slovenia is always hard work, with early starts and late finishes, which can start to take its toll when doing it over a number of days. But once you add in the fact that you are filming and have a crew with you, that makes it even harder, and even more so when you throw some truly awful weather and torrential rain into the mix!



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This episode of Thinking Tackle follows all the highs and lows throughout the session, as Darrell struggles to really find his rhythm and get to grips with the water, but as is normally the way, he eventually works it out and this film follows his thought process and all the tweaks and tactical changes that he makes along the way.

His baiting approach is of particular interest, as after a while he starts to realise that there may not be as much bait in his swim as he thinks and that much of it isn’t even reaching the bottom in the deep water that he is fishing into!



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As well as exploring the more technical side of things, including the rigs that Darrell uses, this film is beautifully shot and very watchable, capturing the essence of Lake Bled and making you feel like you are there with him yourself.

Even if you never cast a line into Lake Bled, there is still plenty that you can learn from this episode of Thinking Tackle, and the thought processes that Darrell goes through can be applied to any water, especially if you are struggling and know that you haven’t got it right, as it poses the sort of questions you should be asking yourself on any water.



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This film shows just how much difference these changes make when he does get it right, and results in the capture of plenty of carp, including one very special fish.

Available to watch online or via the Korda Youtube channel from 5pm on Sunday, October 22.




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