How To Tie The Chod Rig

The Chod Rig needs no introduction - it is a fantastic pop-up rig that you can cast out almost anywhere and be confident it is always fishing for you. Set up correctly, this tangle-free, cast-anywhere rig has been responsible for many famous captures.

You will need

Mouth Trap Chod Filament

Size 4 Choddy Hook

Micro Ring Swivel

Size 11 PTFE Ring Swivel

Dark Matter Tungsten Putty

Bait Floss

Pulla Tools

Step 1

Start by stripping off eight inches of 25lb Mouth Trap

Step 2

Using a set of Scissors, cut the material at an angle

This will help when passing your Mouth Trap through the hook eye

Step 3

Take your chosen size Choddy Hook

We're using a size 4

Step 4

Pass your Mouth Trap section through the back of the hook eye

Step 5

Start to whip down the shank 6 times

Step 6

Then pass the Mouth Trap through the back of the hook and slowly bed the Knot down

Step 7

Take yourself a Micro Ring Swivel

Step 8

Thread your Micro Ring Swivel and thread the tag through the back of the hook

Step 9

Pass the tag end through the back of the eye to form your 'D'

Step 10

Then carefully take a lighter and blob the tag end down

Step 11

Next, take a Size 11 PTFE Ring Swivel

Step 12

Pass your hook section through the smaller eye and form a fold in the material

This will set the height of your final rig

Step 13

Tie your hook section off with a 2 Turn Blood Knot

Step 14

Moisten and tighten down using a pair of Pulla Tools

Step 15

Trim your tag end

Step 16

Blob with a lighter for added knot security

Step 17

Manipulate your Mouth Trap to form your desired curve

Step 18

The chod section is complete. Now follow the steps to mount your chosen hookbait

Step 19

Pull off a length of Bait Floss off the spool and cut

Step 20

Pass your Bait Floss through the small eye of your Micro Ring Swivel

Step 21

Mount your chosen Pop-Up onto a baiting needle

Step 22

Pass it down onto your section of Bait Floss

Step 23

Push your hookbait over the barrel of the swivel to the position shown

Step 24

Trim any excess floss and carefully blob with a lighter

Step 25

Flatten off the blob with the side of your lighter to secure your hookbait in place

Step 26

Next step, take a pot of Dark Matter Tungsten Putty

Step 27

Pinch a small piece off and start by wrapping around your Blood Knot

Step 28

Use just enough to ensure your Pop-Up sinks slowly and finish off by moulding neatly

Step 29

You’ve just tied, the perfect Chod Rig!

How to tie Chod Rig Video



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