Black Singlez - Rod Support System

Allow us to introduce the Tom Dove's Brainchild, the super-light Black Singlez rod support system!

Our unique Singlez Rod Support System has been a huge success since its launch, and now we bring you the super lightweight aluminium Black version.

The original Singlez system is made from stainless steel, and although incredibly sturdy, they are quite heavy, so if you are looking for something lighter weight, then the Black Singlez are the perfect choice as they are purposely made from aluminium to keep the overall weight down, plus they really look the part.



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  • Level: Fully adjustable to allow rod tips to be fished high or low, and to be lined up neatly.

  • Spacing: Buzz bars space Singlez sticks perfectly every time.

  • Storage: Entire system unscrews for compact storage.

  • Strength: Central stabilising boss goes deep into the most challenging ground.



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Following the success of the Stainless Singlez system, it seemed that people had warmed massively to the unique look and style, so much so, that people had started asking about the inevitable...a lighter, Aluminium version!

This top-quality product is manufactured in the UK, for Korda by JAG, using precision CNC machining, where the tooling is controlled by computers to ensure that each component is perfectly made.

These Super-Light Singlez are solid billet machined – meaning that each part is made from a solid block of aluminium – with a super-hard anodised finish, which not only is extremely durable but also has a classy non-glare satin black finish.



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Not only are all the components super light, but they are also strong and built to last for many years, with the buzz bars having a flat underside and ‘D’ cross-section for added strength when compared to a tubular one.

The only parts that aren’t made from aluminium are the points on the ground spikes and the stabiliser, which are stainless steel for extra durability.

The concept is the same as the original Singlez Rod Support System, with the buzz bar being at ground level and being very easy to push in simply by standing on it to push in the ground spike – with the stabiliser helping to make your set-up more rock-solid, especially in gravel.



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This then gives you two or three uprights (depending on how many rods you are using), front and back, which are perfectly spaced and very stable, and can also be independently adjusted for height.



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There is a choice of two and three rod fixed buzz bars, in various widths to cater for those who like to fish their rods very close together as well as at a more traditional distance apart. This also allows you to splay your rod tips out as much as you want to. The uprights also come in a choice of different lengths and can easily be adjusted via a knurled locking collar.



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How to set up Black Singlez

Step 1

Screw T bar into spike and make pilot holoes 9/10 of the way in. This means you never risk bending the buzz bars.

Step 2

Screw uprights into buzz bars, then attached your bite alarms.

Step 3

Slide on stabilising boss, lock in place by screwing the same spike that made the pilot hole.

Step 4

Push system in, gripping the uprights not the bite alarm. Tap boss with mallet to pass stubborn stones, I often simply wriggle it into gravel

Step 5

Clip on your Bobbins

Step 6

Place rods on the system and extend front or back uprights to achieve desired angle.

Step 7

The Black Singlez system is ready for action!

Darrell Peck explains the BLACK Singlez



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