Out Now: Spooner and Dovey's Latest Episode at Frimley

Spooner and Dovey are taking their adventures to Frimley, equipped with a winter syndicate ticket and big plans for their debut there.

Their goal? To land a 30lb Carp. But, as always with these two, there's a bigger catch in the plans. Spooner has his sights set on a legendary 50lb+ Common Carp, and Dovey, ever the competitor, is keen on beating him to it!

We've seen Dovey reel in some incredible catches before. So, the burning question is: can he do it again, especially with Spooner's dream catch on the line? This episode is about more than just fishing; it's about the laughs, the competition, and those unforgettable moments shared between these two.

For those who've been following Spooner and Dovey, you won't want to miss this episode. It's packed with the kind of banter, serious angling, and competitive spirit we all love.

Make sure to catch Spooner and Dovey in Episode 2 to see if Dovey manages to land the big one this time. The episode is available HERE!



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