Carp Fishing Lake Bled with Darrell Peck

Thinking Tackle On Demand | Thinking Tackle OD: S06 E03

Last Autumn saw Darrell head off on a trip he had dreamt off quite some time, the chance to fish the mighty Lake Bled in Solvenia!

With 9 days fishing at his disposal, it would take some serious effort on and off the bank to battle through the ‘days only’ nature of the fishing.

Even if you never cast a line into Lake Bled, there is still plenty that you can learn from this episode of Thinking Tackle, and the thought processes that Darrell goes through can be applied to any water, especially if you are struggling and know that you haven’t got it right, as it poses the sort of questions you should be asking yourself on any water. It shows the difference these changes make when he does get it right, and results in the capture of plenty of carp, including one very special fish!

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