Longshank Beaked Hook

Improvements to the original pattern have made this hook even better!

The original Longshank X pattern of hook has proven just how good it is at hooking carp both at home and abroad for over 20 years, but with a few tweaks Danny Fairbrass has made it even more effective.



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Based on original fly hook patterns

The original Longshank X pattern was based on the fly hook patterns which were popular back then due to their shape and hooking ability, but made stronger and sharper to make them suitable for carp anglers hooking and landing big carp. The long shank and aggressively in-turned eye meant that it made the hook easily flip over and took a hold when a carp picked up your rig.



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Beaked point version

But like anything in carp fishing, constantly evolving and improving things is the way to land more carp, and having spent a lot of time watching carp picking up rigs on our underwater cameras, Danny felt that he could tweak the design and make it even better, which resulted in the new Longshank Beaked hook pattern and which is going to be even more deadly than the original.



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Improved hooking ability

Using his Underwater experiences, Danny decided to make two major changes to the Longshank, with the first being swapping the straight point, as a beaked version increases the chance of it staying in during the fight. During extensive testing, the beaked point resulted in more secure hookholds in the carp's mouth and increased the ratio of fished hooked to landed by a significant margin, compared to the original Korda Longshank X.



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More secure hook holds

The original Korda Longshank already had a fairly aggressive 20 degree in-turned eye, but Danny decided to take that even further and increased that to a 40 degree in-turned eye. This 40 degree in-turned eye made the hook flip extremely quickly once it entered the carp's mouth, thus increasing the chances of it taking a hold, and once it has hooked the fish then that beaked point ensures that it stays in, and results in secure hook holds increasing.

Stepped up wire gauge for extra strength

Like the original pattern, Korda Longshank Beaked hooks are constructed using a stepped-up wire gauge for extra strength, and making it the ultimate carp catcher at home and abroad, and when fishing in challenging situations and for big fish. It is a forged hook and also features a PTFE coating to ensure maximum durability when in use.



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The ultimate carp catcher?

The end result was a long shank beaked hook that has proven to be even better than the original, and one which Danny, and many others, have put to good use during testing and has resulted in the capture of numerous big carp from tough venues. Not only does the Longshank Beaked shape make the hook flip faster, resulting in more hooked fish, but the beaked point provided more secure hook holds during testing.



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New beaked version has multiple uses

The Korda Longshank Beaked hooks are suitable for use on a wide variety of different rigs, for bottom baits, wafters and pop-ups, such as spinner rigs, combi rigs and PVA bag rigs, amongst others.

Like the original pattern, the Longshank Beaked comes in a choice of barbed or barbless versions, and is available in sizes 2, 4, 6, and 8, with ten hooks in a packet.  



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