The Ultimate Guide to NEW Kaizen Green Carp Rods

| Danny Fairbrass - Kaizen Green Carp Rods

Introducing the new Korda Kaizen Green Carp Rods! Here is the ultimate guide by Danny Fairbrass.

These rods bring the high-performance technology of our Platinum range to a wider audience with the use of affordable yet quality materials.

Despite their more affordable price, Korda Kaizen Green Rods are equipped with a well-balanced blank action that has high compression strength - providing faster recovery, and greater casting distances whilst maintaining our signature Kaizen accuracy.

Alongside the 12ft and 13ft rods in the range. For the first time ever, we will have shorter 10ft models available. Ideal for smaller venues and stalking while still capable of impressive casts.

Our Kaizen Green Rods have been designed to bring the same level of excellence and performance that anglers have come to expect from the Kaizen family, at a budget-friendly cost.

Available in stores NOW!

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