Winter Carp Fishing Carnage | Oscar Thornton & Jonny Old

Korda Vlog | Korda Vlog 007

Winter Carp Fishing Carnage on the latest Korda Vlog 007! Korda Mindset carp catching machines Jonny Old and Oscar Thornton at Milton Abbas Estate in the Dorset countryside, where together, they enjoy an epic Winter February carp fishing session.

With a big weather front rolling in and unseasonably warm temperatures, would this be enough to trigger the carp into a feeding bonanza? You bet!

In a 24-hour session, the lads enjoyed some epic winter action, as they got their hands on some of Milton’s finest.

Fishing match the hatch wafters into clear channels between the dense weed, the lads baited heavily with Mainline Cell and reaped the rewards.

A classic fishing film – Two mates going fishing and having a great time, what it’s all about!

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