Burgess and Stokes Fish A New Carp Lake

Korda Vlog | Korda Vlog 004

Korda carp fishing experts Rob Burgess and Tom Stoke fish a NEW lake on the Embryo Norton Disney Complex. During a quiet period filming the upcoming Underwater, the lads nipped over the road to get a taste of the fishing on offer at the NEW Embryo Edwards Lake - Available for EXCLUSIVE bookings to anglers.

Coins were tossed, swims chosen and the lads went about finding and baiting spots at varying ranges to try and intercept some of the lakes inhabitants during their few days.

Burgess enjoyed some fantastic fishing and It’s fair to say that the carp originally stocked at mid to upper twenties, have grown considerably! 👀

If you like what you see, don’t forget you can book it exclusively for yourself and friends by contacting the @embryoangling office now! CALL: 07497 183976

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