A 10 year hiatus, see's Underwater return.

Underwater | Underwater - The Test Tapes

UNDERWATER The Test Tapes” follows anglers Danny Fairbrass, Tom Dove, and Neil Spooner on an exciting journey to create a NEW Underwater carp fishing film, ten years after the groundbreaking Underwater 7 and 8.

We show you exactly how the project came to fruition, from all our exciting prep work, new underwater cameras, and everything leading up to Danny finally casting in front of our Underwater cameras once again, as filming commences. From this point, the emotional rollercoaster begins, as Danny, flanked by Tom Dove and Neil Spooner, is thrust back into the hot seat whilst his rigs, tactics, and approach are put to the test. Fishing for the BIGGEST carp ever on a Korda Underwater film, it will only take one fish to make Underwater history, so the pressure is on.

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