Simon Scott & Mark Bryant

Thinking Tackle Podcast | Thinking Tackle Podcast: 022

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Korda Carp Fishing THINKING TACKLE veterans Simon Scott and Mark Bryant have featured in several TT’s over the years both individually (with Danny Fairbrass) and together as a pairing. The most recent outing is ‘EPISODE 3 - THE COTSWOLD SYNDICATE’ that was released just a few weeks ago. The film follows them during an autumn session on a Cotswold Water Park venue, capturing some quintessentially English carp fishing and the moment Mark lands a 40lb+ english carp.

In this podcast they both join Simon Pitt in the The Thinking Tackle Podcast studio to discuss the recent release, previous episodes, fish farming, bait making and everything in between. Simon and Mark combined have an astonishing knowledge of carp and we get a glimpse of the way in which they think about/approach carp fishing.

Mr Scott is well known for his fish farming, plus his extensive knowledge of fish behaviour. While Mark is the owner of a successful bait company and runs Blue Pool, the venue used for the filming of this show. Listen as we delve into the pair’s individual fields of expertise, to understand more clearly the many different aspects of autumn carp fishing. As usual, the conversation is very diverse and at one point Simon talks about spotting carp from the bubbles created by a “little oily fart”.

Funny, Interesting and Informative… this podcast really is an information packed 90 minutes that will gives you a bit of behind the scenes information about the latest THINKING TACKLE OD episode and some food for thought about your next fishing trip. PLUS get some insightful edges to introduce into your Autumn fishing.

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