Tom Stokes' Stoneacres Campaign

Mindset | Mindset: Tom Stokes at Stoneacres

Follow Tom Stokes’ spring campaign on the iconic Stoneacres, a renowned 50-acre pit in the heart of Oxfordshire, containing a small stock of some of the UK’s most highly desired carp.

We follow Tom every step of the way, from the moment he received his ticket, all the way through the spring and into summer. Join Tom’s journey up close and personal as we share the realities of big carp campaign fishing on tricky UK circuit waters.

We delve into Tom’s tactical Mindset, showing exactly how he went about his campaign; showing his swim selection, rigs and baiting approaches through each of his spring sessions. An epic encounter, showing Tom at his passionate best as he managed to work his way through the stock, eventually getting his hands on one of the lake’s real jewels, turning out to be his largest ever UK mirror carp – All captured on film!

If you’re looking for inspiration, motivation and an insight into Tom’s tactical approach, you do not want to miss this!

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