PVA Bag Syringe

PVA Bag Syringe

Key features

  • 10ml capacity
  • 2 x non-hypodermic attachments
  • 1ml increments
  • Perfect for injecting liquid into PVA bags
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The PVA Bag Syringe is perfect for injecting liquids into your PVA bags. Whether this is Goo-based or oil-based liquids, this non-hypodermic syringe will help you fill your bags quickly, efficiently and with the minimum mess.

The syringe has a 10ml capacity, with 1ml increments printed on the body. It also comes with 2 x non-hypodermic attachments in different sizes; a fine bore and a large bore. 

It’s worth noting that these needles DO NOT have a sharp point like a hypodermic needle. They are a fine tube with a hollow bore, which enables liquids to be transferred safely.

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