Arma Kord Sinking

Arma Kord Sinking

Key features

  • Shock or snag leader material
  • Incredibly tough and abrasion resistant
  • Low diameter for its breaking strain
  • Low-vis brown
  • Sinking version

Product variations available

  • 30lb 50m
  • 50lb 50m
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This is a sinking version of our incredibly popular Arma-Kord leader material. Whilst the original version particularly lends itself to use as a shockleader when spodding, Arma-Kord Sinking is more suited to situations where you require any incredibly strong, abrasion-resistant snag or shock leader material for use on your actual fishing rods. It is the perfect choice for snaggy waters as it will lie on the bottom close to your rig – it should be used in conjunction with our fused leaders, Kable leadcore or rig tubing – and then during the fight with a carp it will help to prevent cut-offs on snags. It also makes a great shockleader material if you are fishing at long range, as the lack of stretch helps you to properly compress the rod. It comes in a choice of 30lb or 50lb breaking strains on a 50m spool.

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