Marker Braid

Marker Braid

Key features

  • Perfect for feature finding
  • Low diameter and zero stretch
  • Floating braid
  • Dark green colour
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Marker Braid is very low diameter and is designed to allow you to cast a marker float, and explore the lake bed, at ranges as far as you can cash with your actual fishing rods. It has zero stretch and so transmits the feel of the lake bed back to your marker rod, and as it is a floating braid, once you do find a spot that helps to ensure that your marker float will pop up when you require it to. It is dark green in colour which helps to make it as unobtrusive as possible when you are feature finding – either with a marker float or leading around.

Marker Braid is hard-wearing, which is essential considering how often you cast a marker float and drag it back through weed etc, and it also knots very well. As it is so thin and only 20lb breaking strain, you will need to use a 30lb Arma-Kord shockleader to prevent crack-offs. Each spool contains 300m of braid.


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