Kruiser Control

Kruiser Control

Key features

  • Main line or hook link material
  • Perfect for floater fishing
  • Clear and inconspicuous
  • Good shock absorption

Product variations available

  • 10lb (0.30mm)
  • 12lb (0.33mm)
  • 6lb (0.25mm)
  • 8lb (0.28mm)
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This line is specifically designed for floater fishing, either as a main line or hook link material. It is clear so as to be as inconspicuous as possible, as well as being very supple and limp, which helps your hookbait to move as naturally as possible when a carp sucks it in. It has enough stretch that it helps to provide some shock absorption when a fish is hooked. It comes on a 150m spool – plenty enough for floater fishing even when used as your main line – and in a variety of breaking strains to allow you to scale right down, with a choice of 12lb (0.33mm), 10lb (0.30mm), 8lb (0.28mm), or 6lb (0.25mm).

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