Birdsnest Tee

Birdsnest Tee

Key features

  • Soft, velvety texture 
  • Will withstand frequent washes
  • Large ‘birds nest’ Korda logo on back
  • Available in four colours
  • Small to XXXL

Product variations available

  • Colour: Black | Size: S
  • Colour: Dark Olive | Size: S
  • Colour: Black | Size: M
  • Colour: Black | Size: L
  • Colour: Black | Size: XL
  • Colour: Black | Size: XXL
  • Colour: Black | Size: XXXL
  • Colour: Burgundy | Size: S
  • Colour: Burgundy | Size: M
  • Colour: Burgundy | Size: L
  • Colour: Burgundy | Size: XL
  • Colour: Burgundy | Size: XXL
  • Colour: Burgundy | Size: XXXL
  • Colour: Navy | Size: S
  • Colour: Navy | Size: M
  • Colour: Navy | Size: L
  • Colour: Navy | Size: XL
  • Colour: Navy | Size: XXL
  • Colour: Navy | Size: XXXL
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The Birdsnest Tee is one of the newest additions to the Korda clothing stable. Crafted with a unique ‘peach skin’ finish, this t-shirt boasts a soft and velvety texture, making it incredibly comfortable to wear. Whether you're heading down to the lake or just lounging at home this tee is perfect for use in the summer months or as part of a layering system on colder days.

Featuring a large ‘birds nest’ Korda logo on the back, giving a gentle nod to re-cycling any discarded line, this tee is both stylish and distinctive. The tee comes in a range of colours including black, navy, dark olive and burgundy, so you can choose the one that best suits your style. 

Made with high-quality materials, this t-shirt is durable and long-lasting. It can withstand frequent washing and retain its soft texture and shape. DF likes our t-shirts to be multi-purpose, so whether you're gearing up for your next session or wearing with jeans when you’re out and about, this tee is made to be versatile and suitable for any occasions.

With sizes ranging from small to XXXL, there is a Birdsnest Tee for everyone.


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