Apex Braided Mainline

Apex Braided Mainline

Key features

  • Dyneema braided main line
  • <li>Very abrasion resistant and strong</li>
    <li>Low diameter</li>
    <li>Casts well</li>

Product variations available

  • 30lb/0.23mm 1200m
  • 50lb/0.36mm 1200m
  • 30lb/0.23mm 450m
  • 50lb/0.36mm 450m
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Apex is the ultimate braided main line designed specifically for carp fishing, particularly on larger waters where you are boating baits out. It is made from extremely tough Dyneema fibres, which means that it is very abrasion resistant whilst also having a low diameter for its breaking strain. Whilst it is particularly popular with anglers boating baits out at long range, for a braid, it also casts well so is suitable for bank fishing as well, and sits on the spool nicely once loaded. There is a choice of 450m or 1,200m spools, which feature a marker every 150m to help you load your reels perfectly every time. Two breaking strains are available – 30lb (0.23mm) or 50lb (0.36mm) – and both come in a low visibility olive colour.

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