Tropical Supreme Goo

Tropical Supreme Goo

Key features

  • Miix of sweet and sour citrus flavours

  • A blend of strong, zesty, citrus flavours

  • Yellow when applied to hook baits

  • Supreme, with thin consistency

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Tropical Supreme is a powerful addition to your angling arsenal that embodies sharpness and tanginess, crafted with precision using a tropical mix of sweet and sour citrus flavours. The mouthwatering smell you get when opening the bottle is potent, this liquid attractant exudes an irresistible allure that travels far and wide in the water, drawing fish to your bait with its tantalising scent.

We have carefully selected a blend of strong, zesty, citrus flavours combining the irresistible aroma of tropical fruits with the proven effectiveness of Kiana Carp Goo technology. Designed to provoke feeding responses, Tropical Supreme delivers a sensory experience that fish simply can't resist. 

Over the years we have learned the “magic” of citrus flavours within our range, and this is why so many of our flavours feature these sweet, acidic, citrus ingredients and attractants.

The Tropical Goo Supreme is yellow and will change your hook bait colour when applied, in the same way other Goo can. This 'Supreme' variant of Goo has a thinner consistency that allows it to soak into the core of your hook baits or cover your loose feed perfectly. Whether you prefer boilies, pellets, or particles, simply apply a generous coating of Tropical Goo Supreme to enhance your bait's attractiveness and increase your chances of success.

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