Pango Supreme Goo

Pango Supreme Goo

Key features

  • Secret blend of citrusy fruit

  • Perfect yellow hook bait glaze

  • Soaking and reapplying recommended

  • Great on its own or as a blend

  • Supreme, with thin consistency

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The Pango Supreme Goo is a fantastic secret blend of citrusy fruit. Together, they create a sour and acidic taste that has noticeably attracted carp. Pango Supreme emerges as the natural evolution from its predecessor, Mangonana Supreme, rekindling the essence of mango's unmatched allure. Through extensive testing, it has proven to be highly effective in getting quick bites, even when used over large beds of bait. Pango Supreme Goo unleashes a distinct punch, drawing fish in with its irresistible aroma.

“The reaction I've had to the Pango Supreme Goo reminds me of the same reaction I had when using Isotonic Supreme for the first time… and we all know how that went” Neil Spooner

Pango Supreme Goo is yellow and offers the perfect hook bait glaze plus creates an alluring yellow cloud in the water. Each layer will increase leakage time, so soaking and reapplying over time is recommended. It can be used in ground bait, loose feed and on your hook baits. The blend of exotic fruits creates a synergy that triggers feeding responses, ensuring that your bait remains irresistible to fish.

Mixing several Goo flavours to create customised combinations has led to big fish captures for the Monster Carp team over the years. Why not try using Isotonic Supreme with the Pango Supreme for some serious Pango-tonic punch.

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