Mulberry Supreme Goo

Mulberry Supreme Goo

Key features

  • Iconic sweet and fruity profile

  • Vibrant, inviting, and instantly recognisable

  • Rich, luscious scent

  • Creates a subtle mauve hue in the wate

  •  Supreme, with thin consistency

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Mulberry Supreme Goo is inspired by the iconic sweet and fruity carp fishing flavour profile of Mulberry, which has been used to great success for decades. This classic scent is vibrant, inviting, and instantly recognisable with its floral undertones, you could say it smells like carp fishing.

The smell and flavour of Mulberry Supreme Goo is truly complex and original. Kiana has reimagined this classic ingredient, crafting a rich, luscious scent that sets it apart from the rest of the range. It offers a balance of sweetness and tanginess, which is what sets it apart from the existing range of Kiana ‘berry’ Goo’s. It has a juicy sweetness, and subtle tartness combined with floral nuances.

Mulberry Supreme Goo is a rich and satisfying purple colour that mirrors the fruit on which the flavour is based. It creates a subtle mauve hue in the water and will change your hookbait colour when it soaks in, getting more intense the more it is left to soak. Being a ‘Supreme’ variant, it has a thinner consistency that allows it to soak into the core of your hook baits and/or cover your loose feed perfectly. 

Mulberry Supreme is a ground-breaking advancement in fish attractants that takes the renowned fish-catching capabilities of mulberry to unprecedented heights. With its unique aroma, Mulberry Supreme represents a new direction in Kiana flavours with its distinctive smell and taste, offering anglers a powerful new weapon in their pursuit of catching fish.

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